We had an amazing time at the National Flute Association Convention 2017! We have met such talented musicians - it was an unforgettable experience.  Thank you to those who stopped by our booth and bought our products, we appreciate it greatly.

FUN FACT: This man is 6'9" and our SMS-50 was a perfect fit for him! It was difficult for him to find music stands that match his height, but fortunately Peak Music Stands is always here to satisfy our customers! 


It is currently DAY TWO at the National Flute Association Convention 2017 here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are showcasing and also selling never-before-seen products! We have our very own Cross-Body Music Purses and freshly designed Flute Bags! These products will soon be available online, so keep on the look out for those Peak lovers. Many individuals are stopping by our booth and telling us that they use our stands. We appreciate hearing positive feedback about our products, so thank you! We cannot wait for what these last two days of the convention has in store for us!


THANK YOU to each and every one who participated in our Free Giveaway Contest! It has now OFFICIALLY CLOSED. The TEN WINNERS have been chosen. The winners are listed below:

1. James Gill

2. Enoch Shih

3. Richmond Bui

4. Yoshi Vazquez

5. Eric Marrero

6. Debbie Jeff Spritka

7. Laura Theresa

8. Elke Steward

9. Roger Presley

10. David Silas Turner 

If your name is listed, please email us at with your shipping address within ONE WEEK and we will provide more information from there. For those who participated, but whose name is not up there, please also email us and we will give you an exclusive discount code!

Stay tuned for more upcoming PEAK events!

Summer NAMM 2017


JULY 13-15

This year's Summer NAMM was an amazing experience! Our team got to meet various artists and great individuals. We received many positive comments about our products! We were able to give them a PEAK of some of our new products, and we also gained new customers. :) Those who liked our Facebook page were given a free Peak Music Clip!

Summer NAMM 2017 was an unforgettable experience and we cannot wait for what Winter NAMM 2017 has in store for us!

Winter NAMM Show 2016

Winter Namm 2016 was a success! We met many wonderful new people and had the chance to catch up with quite a few familiar faces as well.

We had a great reaction to our new custom printed stands and banner stands which you can request the information for by contacting us.

If you didn't have a chance to stop by our booth and will be attending this years Summer NAMM Show in Nashville then make sure you visit us. We will post the details on how you can find us as soon as we discover our new location.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

-Josh Huckabee

Summer NAMM 2014

We have just now returned from our trip to Nashville this year for the Summer NAMM 2014 show. My coworker Ralph and I had a wonderful time seeing all of you there! Not only did we get the chance to catch up with many of our current customers, but we were able to spark some interest in our company for some newcomers as well. 


In case you missed it, we were showcasing some of our newer products at the show. These included our new ukulele/violin display stands, cello stands, and zinc weighted base microphone stands. If you are curious about any of these stands, you can find the flyer from the show here.


Hope to see you all soon in Anaheim for the winter NAMM!


- James Py